Transparency in Treatment: What Sets Us Apart

Transparency is a core value at Restoration Room, the premier medical spa in Omaha – a guarantee to our patients that we will always be honest and genuine in what is (and what is not) possible within the confinements of our treatment room. We take the time to explain why we make the recommendations that […]

Elevating Clinical Care with a Touch of Luxury

Megan here… I’m the founder of Restoration Room, a medical-grade spa in Omaha. I wanted to share a bit of insight into how the Restoration Room came to fruition and my own background.  As someone with a 15+ year history working in a traditional Western medicine specialty, I cannot stress enough how much I care […]

Stay Ahead: The Power of Proactive Beauty

At Restoration Room, we view “beauty” on a grander scale. We define it as an individual who portrays self-confidence, radiates peace and love, and revels in contentment. It is often something that is seen and felt at first glance, but it’s not as surface level as one might think. Feeling “beautiful” is about feeling at […]