Elevating Clinical Care with a Touch of Luxury

Megan here… I’m the founder of Restoration Room, a medical-grade spa in Omaha. I wanted to share a bit of insight into how the Restoration Room came to fruition and my own background. 

As someone with a 15+ year history working in a traditional Western medicine specialty, I cannot stress enough how much I care about evidence-based clinical care. Science thrills me and drives me. The number one rule in medicine is “do no harm” – if my concern for harm outweighs the potential benefit on the other side of treatment, I will, without hesitation, share that concern with you and possibly even refer you elsewhere. I take skincare procedures with the same level of care and commitment as I did caring for acutely ill patients in the hospital. 

But let’s be honest, skincare isn’t the same as being hospitalized. It’s (thankfully) much more fun. We aren’t dealing with life or death; we are dealing with optimizing our lives and self-confidence. These things are vital to our well-being just as managing your blood pressure and blood sugar levels are, but in a different way. So, I wanted the experience to feel different – forget the scent of bleach, the sterile, lifeless rooms, the vibes of busy, stressed staff,  and the fluorescent lighting… I wanted clinical-grade treatments while feeling like I’m at one of my favorite spas.

I am fairly obsessed with skincare, as many people who grew up with very imperfect skin are.

I choose vacations based on the spa (and restaurant) situation. Spa days with my girlfriends in Scottsdale will forever remain some of my favorite memories, and even my husband has bought into the fun for all of our vacations. I now like to call it market research. 😉

I always used to dream of working in that type of spa environment – you walk in to work to the smell of eucalyptus, you hear soft, calming spa music, see smiling faces just happy to be there, there is an energy and commitment to wellbeing from everyone around you, and you get to spend the day doing something you love. 

I didn’t think that was in my future – I spent a lot of years training in medicine and it seemed reckless to give that up to open a spa. But I have really re-framed my idea of what it is (or at least what it can be) to help people achieve wellness. I’ve re-prioritized my focus on proactive health rather than purely reactive. With this reframing, my dream has started to take shape, and I finally feel like I’ve really found my place in the world.

I’ve taken my commitment to (and training in) medicine and paired it with my obsession with skincare and living well. I realized that I could be more impactful in people’s lives by helping them in a beautiful spa-like environment, maybe even with a glass of champagne in hand (progress over perfection), getting a facial treatment and discussing foundational health on a cellular level than I was in the hospital where, to be honest, patients were rarely able to hear/comprehend these types of conversations. It may sound silly at first, but people are much more receptive to this type of information in a calm and comfortable environment in comparison to a cold, sterile, sometimes scary, and chaotic setting.  

Clinical care doesn’t always have to be cold and sterile; it can be luxurious, too. And vice versa – you can get a luxurious experience, while also getting medical-grade care. 

Lucky for me, I’ve found my life’s mission – helping others re-instill health, well-being, and beautiful skin all in a beautiful setting (that smells nice and serves bubbly).

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