Our Story

Striking The Balance Between Science And Skin Luxury

At the Restoration Room, we specialize in exclusive, science-based skincare that elevate your skin health experience.

Our passionate team, led by our Omaha nurse practitioners, is dedicated to helping you unveil your natural glow and boosting your confidence in an environment that feels both indulgent and welcoming. It’s the best of both worlds – medical-grade treatments meet a luxurious retreat

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Our Core Values

Holistic Health

True confidence radiates from within, and at our core, we understand this connection. Our holistic approach intertwines your inner health with the confidence you project outwardly. We offer more than just surface treatments; we're about fostering lasting solutions that nurture both your inner well-being and outer confidence.

Science-Based Skincare

Rooted in scientific excellence, our focus is on enhancing your confidence through proven skincare methodologies. We blend cutting-edge scientific research with our skincare expertise to elevate your skin’s health, directly boosting your self-assurance. It’s a blend of innovation and personalized care, all aimed at enhancing your confidence.


Leading the way in skincare innovations is our commitment to you. We tirelessly explore the latest global trends and scientific advancements, bringing them to you for a skincare experience that’s always at the cutting edge. Our dedication to research and progress, combined with the expertise of a team of nurse practitioners in Omaha, ensures that your journey with us is one of continuous confidence enhancement and empowerment.

Meet Megan Mckiver

The driving force behind Restoration Room.

 Megan founded our clinic in 2022, bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the medical field. Her journey began as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a neurosurgical intensive care unit, followed by five years as an Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner (DNP) in an academic medical center. Megan’s passion for medical aesthetics took root in 2021, propelling her into the world of skin care.

Megan’s expertise spans a range of treatments, including microneedling with radiofrequency, IPL therapy, laser hair removal, non-invasive radiofrequency, PRP, Botox, fillers, dermaplaning, and chemical peels. She’s dedicated to providing a holistic approach to skin care that combines her extensive medical background with the art of aesthetic medicine.

Megan’s unwavering dedication ensures that Restoration Room is at the forefront of science-based skincare, delivering rejuvenation treatments in Omaha that prioritize your confidence and well-being.

Our Luxury Experience

Unlock the secrets to timeless confidence.

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