Transparency in Treatment: What Sets Us Apart

Transparency is a core value at Restoration Room, the premier medical spa in Omaha – a guarantee to our patients that we will always be honest and genuine in what is (and what is not) possible within the confinements of our treatment room. We take the time to explain why we make the recommendations that we do, and how we proceed with our decision-making. We are firm believers in the golden rule of life – treat others as you would want to be treated, and we carry that through in business.

Our goal is for you to feel cared for, indulged, enlightened, and reassured with each encounter. It’s more than weighing the risks vs the benefits. It’s ensuring a deep understanding of our abilities and our limitations. It’s understanding that medical aesthetics is an ever-evolving specialty. It’s a promise to be at the forefront of this ever-evolving specialty, not only bringing you the latest and greatest but bringing you the safest and greatest – the evidence-based greatest – not simply the latest TikTok trends.

At Restoration Room, a lot of thought and research goes into the services we choose to offer. Step one involves identifying a need – an example being something that targets unwanted hyperpigmentation, without downtime. 

There are endless “solutions” out there, so the next step is reading the research. Out of all of those claims, which treatments have scientific evidence and research to support their claims. It is often within this research that we can ensure the safety profile outweighs any potential benefit, which for us is a non-negotiable.  Once we’re confident that the research supports what a service claims it can offer, it’s time to trial it for ourselves.

Trialing a service first involves going through extensive training, which is typically provided by the manufacturers of the product – this involves both didactic work as well as hands-on training. Each service is then tested by our Omaha esthetician-led team on various skin types, so that we can speak to any expectations firsthand. If the team can agree on a treatment’s efficacy (does it do what it says it will?), safety, viability (is this something that can be realistically implemented), and enjoyability (will people be happy with the process and results), then a formalized procedure is created and it gets introduced to you all. 

It is a process, but one that we pride ourselves greatly on – a process that ensures your needs are placed before anything else. It’s scientific luxury, if you will. 

When you choose Restoration Room for your skin health and wellness needs, you can trust that:

  • We are genuine in our passion, gratitude, and care for you
  • You are being presented with honest and thorough information
  • We prioritize safety over all else
  • We dedicate ourselves to ongoing knowledge-building

You can trust that you will get clinical excellence and a luxurious experience. You can trust us at Restoration Room.

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